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Sarvesh Yadav


Backend Developer

I do server-side programming, database integration, API development, and sometimes handle deployment.

Skills and Technologies



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Project: Gecom

A website built on Django that serves as a marketplace for games and PC parts from multiple vendors and publishers. It has fully functional user management and cart functionality. Additionally, it allows publishers to create and manage organizations to publish games on their behalf.

django docker htmx Nginx
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Project: Tor switch

A Python package that allows users to easily set up a Tor proxy without manual configurations. Users can switch between Tor and normal connections, change IPs on demand, automate or rate limit Tor IP rotation with minimal hassle.

python tor github actions
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Project: k9archiver

A self-hosted journal and article archiver with a gallery feature built on top of Django that enables users to invite collaborators, take notes, and create a knowledge base.

django docker tailwind Nginx